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Mission Statement
10 a.m.
Preaching Rotation
Lovingkindness (poem)

New Life Christian Fellowship's mission is to be a vibrant community worshipping and working together in Jesus Christ, living and enjoying the adventure of advancing God's kingdom as He transforms lives through His outrageous love, grace and mercy.


New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF) is a ministry of Grace Communion International (GCI).



You were teaching about God's lovingkindness. I mean, you never said that word, but you rolled

through Romans 5 pointing out the 'how much mores' - how much more we'll be saved by Christ's life,

how much more God's grace will overflow to the many,

how much more those who receive his gifts of grace and righteousness will reign through Christ. To reign - we think He's come to take away the controls, but He's come to give us the ability to handle them ourselves because in Him we become people who can be trusted to act in Love.  So you never said 'lovingkindness' -


but I heard it in every word.

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Come join us!  We'd love to have you!


Pic below: Pastor Doug Johannsen & his wife Betty

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